The heart of my business has been about Celebrations.. That work is built on love from the start - the couple, their family, the photographer, the DJ, the florist, the baker. It’s always been an honour to be part of that personal process.

What I’ve missed most is the weddings, the film work and the events that have been postponed because we know this time we’re living through really matters. 

The world has upended itself & lockdown has been difficult and can seem relentless.  Sheltering at home means saving lives and being with my family 24/7 at home without distraction, has been pretty comforting. We’re rightfully worried abut the future, but if the kindness of our friends and indeed of strangers has anything to go by, we’re on the right track.

Ruby Flowers has always sincerely been about friends and community

Navigating my way forward as a small business will be a difficult course. We need our small businesses  to bring life and colour to our streets and we need to be ready to move on soon, as safely as we can. It’s important to remember local business and the increasingly unique role they play in what is becoming our globalised community. 


Stay safe, be kind and hopeful.

Love Ruby x

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