About Ruby Flowers

Welcome to Ruby Flowers, we have been working with flowers since 2002 & are very proud of the reputation we have established. Ruby Genuinely loves & is inspired by flowers, their fragility, texture, form & colour all of which
shapes her style today.

Ruby’s love of all flowers & foliages goes back to spending time in the garden with her parents & Pa when very young..the smell of sweet peas, geraniums & marigolds can still trace her back to those summer days way back when…

A self taught florist, she doesn’t get hung up on what you should or shouldn’t have, her style is to work with what is seasonally gorgeous, wild & graceful…

A ‘Potted’ History by Ruby

After many years of living in London, Australia and then back to London again, slogging away doing a variety of jobs, I would always find myself drawn to flower shops, whether peering in the windows, browsing or buying, I always left happy amongst the moss,the magnolia branches, berried ivy & rosemary.

My heart would skip a beat with smell of jasmine, hyacinths & roses. I loved it & hungrily set about learning as much as I could, starting my learning curve with a barrow in Princes Square, Glasgow.

So when fate stepped in & the florist shop I trained in came up for lease – I grabbed the chance.

With 3 small children to look after as well, it didn’t go swimmingly all the time, but with a great family to call upon and good staff to work with, I could just about manage it.

I was living my dream!

The shop duly opened in 2002 and I began filling it with wild & gorgeous flowers, I developed a keen eye and was always on the lookout for vintage vessels & strange ‘unloved’ bottles & urns to display these beautiful flowers in… We started to build our wonderful customer base and many of you became good friends.

All was going well & then with loss of local parking, we launched our small but charming online shop, which you loved… this helped open Ruby Flowers up to a wider audience & then, with an unsustainable rent increase it was sadly time to end and move on to pastures new.

Time to retreat & rethink, Neil & I found an amazing Citroen Van, which we converted into a mobile shop & this is to be the start of a new chapter in our story about the love of flowers.

Felicite is on the road.

Thank you for browsing my website, keep in touch & we’ll keep sending out the flowers you love…

Merci to all our lovely, local customers X